The Top 3 Mistakes Companies Make When Implementing Salesforce

Implementing good habits early on may be seen as (perhaps unnecessarily) adding to the entire process when first starting out with Salesforce. It is true that habit-training may indeed add hours to your work within Salesforce, but it’s totally worth it! When implemented properly, good habits will help you scale and build extremely quickly, allowing you to focus on the good problems, not the bad ones.
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Salesforce Inspector: The Best Tool for Mass Updating Records in Salesforce

Salesforce Inspector is one of the most important tools to add to your stack, whether you’re inserting, updating, or deleting records.
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The Most Critical Skill of a Salesforce Admin: Defining an Object

This post was last updated 03/30/21. Introduction Time and again, we at Kicksaw have conversations with clients who are complaining about a system that’s slow, hard to use, and generally confusing. They come to us begging for help because their opportunities/accounts/etc. have become bloated and unusable. They’ve spent years adding crap to Salesforce and they don’t have the architectural skills to get out of
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