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Kicksaw offers world-class Salesforce implementation, data migration, process optimization, tool integration, data sourcing/enrichment services, and hands-on training to boost your revenue team's capabilities. It's Sales and RevOps Consulting the way you always dreamed it could be.

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What Our Clients Say

Todd Lathrop
Vice President Sales, Checkr

“Fast, flexible, and hugely competent, Kicksaw delivers projects exactly as promised. Their experience in the SaaS space is tremendously valuable; they've tackled these problems before and guided our thinking on how to set up SFDC with future growth in mind.”

David Zwerin
Head Of Sales Operations, TripActions

“The Kicksaw team has been instrumental in supporting us as we rapidly grow, hiring over 100 people in a year. At the pace we're growing, it's important that we work with Salesforce experts who can provide support having been in the situations we are in and will be in. They do a great job of anticipating the challenges ahead and ensuring we are proactive in addressing them.”

Elise Eidness
President, Green Olive Marketing

“Green Olive Marketing has worked with Kicksaw for over a year with a focus on implementing and updating current systems. Kicksaw's knowledge of technology along with their skills to do custom builds are out of this world! They show a commitment to the client and the work by always being willing and able to meet whenever needed to review projects and discuss next steps.”

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Kicksaw Helps Leading Sales Teams Perform Their Best

Transformational Sales and RevOps Consulting

Partner with Kicksaw to unleash your selling potential

Maximize Your ROI with a Kicksaw Consultant


Hit the ground running with a customized implementation. We'll give you a roadmap, knowledge transfer, and training in best practices.

Data Migration

Field mapping, scripting, importing, and validation of your legacy customer, transactional, and company data will keep your data ship-shape.

Process Optimization

Retooled modeling, automation, execution, control, and analytics processes will transform your operations.

Tool Integration

We'll set you up with Outreach, SalesLoft, DocuSign, Form Assembly, Zendesk, Hubspot, Clearbit, LinkedIn, Intercom...the list goes on and on.

Data Sourcing & Enrichment

Gain SFDC data integrity with clean and qualified records to save hours of manual work or, even worse, disruptions from bad leads.

Development & Training

Ramp up your own team to expert level, or get custom Apex / Visualforce development to automate your sales processes for you.

Get More out of Kicksaw

Hottest New Health Cloud Features in Salesforce Winter '23

Winter is coming! Here at Kicksaw HQ, there’s always a frenzy of activity whenever new Salesforce release notes become available, and this time around we’re extra excited about some of the new features that will be available to Health Cloud customers. Let’s dive in and check out some of the cool new things we’ll get to work with later this year!

How Kicksaw Killed Utilization

Tried and true methods are worth paying attention to. It’s often more effective to take a successful company playbook and replicate it, rather than try to reinvent the wheel. It’s practical, it usually works, and no one will fault you for applying an already “winning” formula. But sometimes, convention no longer serves. Or, even worse — convention masks a systemic problem (did you know that 50% of traditional CRM implementations fail?). In those cases, it’s time to try something new. Learn more in this five-minute read.

Better Security in Salesforce: Data Classification

One of the most important responsibilities Salesforce professionals have is ensuring our orgs remain secure. Achieving a strong security posture is about so much more than just passwords and session settings, however. It’s critical to know what data is in your Salesforce org, what security obligations that data falls under, and what the possible risk is should that data be compromised. 

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