A united experience for users and customers.

Kicksaw combines industry and technology expertise to streamline processes and help you provide a consistent customer experience with an agile and secure single-platform solution.

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Financial Services clients

Rising demands, meet adaptable efficiency.

Consumer expectations are constantly changing for both financial institutions and service providers, which is why adaptability is a key factor for short- and long-term solution ROI. Our experts excel at collaborating with businesses to deliver efficient solutions that grow with them — and provide a personalized experience that customers will remember for all the right reasons.

We consolidate tools and systems to connect information and optimize processes in Salesforce, creating a more seamless experience for end users while meeting business objectives.

Intuitive self-help portals, streamlined systems (including sales, marketing and service), a 360° view of customer information, and role-oriented dashboards designed for productivity — our banking solutions provide employee efficiency alongside an optimal and on-brand customer experience both in-person and online.

Pairing our industry and process expertise with our technical knowledge is how we create solutions that improve customer service while keeping costs low. From claims processing to billing to risk analytics, our solutions are designed to replace inefficiencies in the front, middle, and back office with a solution that better supports best practices.

We help clients offer the personalized, elevated experience wealth management customers and advisors expect — at scale. Get the data, insight, and tools you need to provide detailed reports and information, tailor services to meet demands, and improve the management of both the customer relationship and journey on a single platform.

Kicksaw Solution Benefits

Interactions With Impact

We provide 360° visibility and the tools you need to elevate a clients journey with your organization, so you have everything you need to improve their experience from sales or services, to outreach and engagement.

Goodbye Disparate Systems

No more separate interfaces. We connect technology, data, teams, and tools on the Salesforce platform, saving time, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, and providing a more complete picture of your operations.

Get Back to Business

Part of our technology expertise lies in adapting your solution to optimize workflows and automate time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Understand and Grow Revenue

Whether it’s reducing operational costs by eliminating manual processes, or integrating revenue systems to gain metrics for detailed forecasting — our solutions help you improve revenue visibility and control.

Accelerate Growth

We specialize in solutions made to meet objectives, generate leads, and drive sustainable growth. Our solutions scale along with you as both your goals, organization, and industry evolve.

Improve Efficiency

Doing more with less while improving the quality of operations and services isn’t impossible. Kicksaw uses leading practices, top-tier technology, and unmatched expertise to provide solutions that make the impossible easy to achieve.

Automate Compliance

Our solutions put automation and tools in place to make compliance less complicated. Ensure sensitive data is secure and that compliance related tasks and processes are faster and easier to follow, manage, and track.

Empower Your Teams

Simplify processes, streamline collaboration, make information easy to find, get rid of repetitive and manual tasks — we create user-friendly solutions that increase productivity alongside employee engagement.

Gain Key Metrics

Regardless of the individual, team, or process, our solutions provide customizable metrics and data analysis — presenting insights in a way that’s both easy to understand and designed to support optimized decision-making.

We understand what trust means in finance.

For each and every financial institution we work with, we know that consistency and the customer experience are directly tied to trust — and that trust is directly tied to a financial institution’s sustainability.

Our experts have that in mind throughout the entire engagement.

We work with your team to put consistency and the customer experience at the heart of your solution — so that along with all the other benefits it will deliver (we’re looking at you adaptability, process efficiency, user-friendliness, and data accuracy) or business requirements it will address — trust will continue to grow along with your business.

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Systems Integrations

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  • Accounting Systems
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  • Contract Management & Electronic Signature
  • Sales Engagement
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We worked with Kicksaw to drive a comprehensive audit and support significant development projects across our Sales Cloud instance.

Kicksaw provides a "pod" or dedicated team to support the various aspects of the project plan. They were nimble in their approach to our plan - pivoting with us throughout. At the end of phase 1, we now have a valued SFDC consulting partner to support us with new initiatives and support our Admins.

Roger Topp
Chief Growth Officer

Kicksaw was great at identifying my goals and setting a clear plan to achieve them. They were extremely timely and communicated well throughout the entire process.

Holly Garner
Investor Relations

Love Kicksaw, they've done a number of different projects for our office (Integrations with Affinity, InstaPage, Outlook, SF/Pardot, etc.).

They are fast and easy to work with and I've recommended them to many others in the past.

Shelby Golan
Director of Business Development

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