Financial Services

Why Salesforce for Financial Services?

Salesforce for Financial Services brings together a team of industry experts and technology-focused product managers that intimately understand the financial services space. They know where the industry has been, and where it is going, and they are dedicated to creating a product that financial services professionals can rely on. All this on a platform that is easy to use, buy, understand, deploy, and support.

Financial Services Cloud Accredited

Why Partner with Kicksaw?

Kicksaw is made up of a diverse group of lifelong learners, pioneering spirits, and creative thinkers. We’re all unique, but there are certain core values that we each adhere to. They’re our guiding principles, our collective “North Star,” that we live by today and push to be better at tomorrow.

Technical Experts

With 200+ Salesforce certifications on a growing team, we’ve got what it takes to deliver an elevated implementation experience. And if you need some truly out-of-the box functionality, our engineering team is ready to jump in and build the perfect solution.

Fractional Operations

Our unique consulting model puts the emphasis on what our customers need and want from us. We don’t lock you into a box — there’s nothing static about our process. Your project is free to grow and evolve as many times as it needs to.

Healthcare Focus

We’ve dedicated many hundreds of hours to building robust Health Cloud instances for our customers, and we’re only just getting started. As one of the most trusted names in the Salesforce for HLS arena, rely on us to deliver a stand-out implementation experience.

Money-Minded Customers

Kicksaw Helps Leading Sales Teams Perform Their Best

Optimize your business software suite with help from our team of experts. When you work with Kicksaw, you work with a highly engaged group of creative engineers, architects, and project managers to create the best strategy for your business' unique needs.

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Kicksaw Helps Leading Sales Teams Perform Their Best