Empowering people to live and work well.

There’s no “fake it ‘til you make it” around here, just genuine folks looking to transform the consulting industry by putting clients and employees first.

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We Value Our People

Our mission is to always do what is right for our clients and provide a space that celebrates a healthy work-life balance. We’ve created a culture that truly values people over profits, and beyond that…we value value. We don’t waste our time with work that doesn’t provide value to our customers, or with methods that don’t take care of our own.

Meet our Founders, Kenny & Kyle

When Kenny Goldman and Kyle Morris founded Kicksaw in 2018, they had one goal in mind: to revolutionize Salesforce consulting.

With an unwavering commitment to put clients’ and employees’ needs first, Kenny and Kyle have taken the consulting field by storm. What started off as a two-man show in 2018 has evolved into a rapidly expanding team of 70+ Salesforce experts and operations pros.

Kenny Goldman and Kyle Morris

We created Kicksaw to be the company we would want to work for.

Kyle Morris
Co-Founder & Head of Strategy and Operations

The Fearless Leaders

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Kenny Goldman
Founder & CEO
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Kyle Morris
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Tim Sabat
Chief Technology Officer
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Sanford Woodward
Senior Director of Sales & Marketing
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Brooke Arevalo
Senior Director of Finance
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Joanne Biggar
Director of People Operations
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Casey Long
Director of Operations
North Star
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Our North Star

Kicksaw’s core values influence our decisions both in business and in life and are critical to our successful growth as a company. All are equally weighted; all are valued, pursued, and encouraged each and every day.

Be you.

We know that our differences are what make us stronger, and we celebrate that. We value authenticity, humility, and the courage it takes to ask for help when you need it. There’s no “fake it ‘til you make it” around here. Just genuine folks looking to lead a balanced life and, we hope, do some of the very best work of their lives during their time with us too.

Own it.

This goes way beyond responsibility or even accountability. It’s leading by example. When one of us takes on a project, be it large or small, we take great pride in doing what it takes to go above and beyond expectations.

Work together.

Our goal is to make Kicksaw a dream workplace. We strive to be the teammates we want to work with, and we assume and encourage the best in others. Healthy collaboration is key to our success, both internally and with our clients. Together, we will go far.

Keep it simple.

The simplest route to a solution tends to be the best one — this goes for both work life and life in general. With that in mind, we prioritize understanding the true root of any problem before we get to work. No slap-dash, subpar “solutions” around here.

Veteran-Owned & Supported

As a proud member of Salesforce Military Alliance, we do what we can to support the Salesforce Military goal — by hiring military service members, veterans, and spouses within the Salesforce ecosystem to ease the transition from service to civilian employment.

From job discrimination to a lack of support, many veterans face significant barriers to employment, which is a problem that we want to help solve. We are honored to have many veterans on staff and eager to welcome more in the future.

Join the Salesforce consulting revolution!

Say goodbye to working on the weekends and soul-sucking corporate culture — at Kicksaw, work-life balance isn’t an empty promise, it’s the way we do business. We’re proud of our welcoming environment that fosters personal and professional growth, and we love bringing a new team member on board!

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