Set your expectations higher... Nope, even higher than that.

Unlock the real value within your Salesforce investment. The right business solution for your team doesn’t simply solve problems — it sets you up for ongoing growth and success.

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The Salesforce consulting model is broken.

The traditional utilization model for Salesforce implementations is bogged down by itemized statements of work centered around billable hours, with an emphasis on profits over end results. Staff are treated as resources to be leveraged, resulting in burnout and misaligned expectations.

That style doesn’t work for us. And more importantly, it doesn’t work for you, our client. Kicksaw was founded on the idea that we could build a truly client-centric business while creating a company culture where team members thrived. Turns out we were right.

What are Fractional Operations?

Fractional Operations puts requirements first and adapts to your goals without forcing you into a box. You pay for what you need, month to month.

Gone are the days of rigid SOW’s that lock you into restrictive contracts. Our Fractional Operations model places the focus solely on delivering value and allows us to make adjustments quickly.

We prioritize your evolving needs instead of just delivering what you signed a contract for months ago. It’s our way of ensuring our clients get outcome-centric solutions and services that deliver an impact.

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Your engagement runs on a month-to-month basis, which allows us to focus 100% on value-add work and deliverables rather than arbitrary deadlines, which is a big reason why we ditched the “traditional” methods for the Fractional Operations model.

No business or project is static. Fractional Operations allows us to respond to new specifications, challenges, or priorities as soon as they arise — to achieve ROI quickly and meet your overall objectives effectively, without creating administrative delays.

Your needs are handled exclusively by your Pod (usually made up of a Salesforce Consultant, a Solution Architect, and an Admin). This helps ensure quality and consistency, provides stronger communication and collaboration if change or the need to pull in supplementary resources (like Engineering or Marketing Operations) arises — and allows us to deep-dive into your business, operations, solution design, and solution impact.

Expect to collaborate with us. Iterative problem-solving means discovery, communication, adaptation, delivery, and training happens throughout your engagement. It means we can focus on what will add the most value and achieve the right outcomes without charging off in the wrong direction. 

If you were building a house you would want each room’s specifications to be correct before they’re built, so at the end of the build you don’t have to take a wrecking ball to the living room to complete a critical update in the kitchen. Applying iterative problem-solving helps avoid issues with your solution build in the same way.

Our experts in Sales, Revenue, and Services put their extensive industry knowledge to work crafting outcome-focused and user-friendly Salesforce solutions that maximize efficiency, revenue potential, and service quality.

Our Engineering experts handle technology hurdles — including streamlining integrations, providing innovative upgrades, or turning your existing solution into something that’s more scalable — with an emphasis on Salesforce Development, Mulesoft, AWS infrastructure, security, and the technology your business needs to excel.

Our Marketing experts specialize in overcoming marketing challenges, delivering personalized customer engagement at scale, driving growth, and effectively achieving objectives — with extensive experience including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, and Hubspot.

The Power of Three

Say it with me: long-term, sustainable growth. Between our Fractional Operations and On-Demand Services, we have you covered no matter your project’s size or requirements.  

Our operational expertise covers three key areas: Revenue, Engineering, and Marketing — and you can engage with those experts in the way that works best for your business.

How It Works



We start with a deep dive into your operations to get to know your business, objectives, timeline, and requirements.



Next, we design customized solutions that address your team’s unique needs — we emphasize time and cost-effective projects with minimal risk and maximum flexibility.



Your dedicated Pod gets to work building the features and solutions for your project using sprint-like iterations, communicating closely with you every step of the way.


Quality Assurance

Anything and everything that could break is put to the test during the QA stage. Before we proceed to deployments, you give the final seal of approval via User Acceptance Testing (UAT).



It’s launch time! We set your custom solution live, work with you to measure the effectiveness and impact of the solution, and optimize further if we find that more work is needed.



Go-live day doesn’t have to be the end of your journey with Kicksaw. Your business is ever-evolving, and we’re only ever a few clicks away from starting the next chapter with you. Get started today!

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Products We Support

Sales CloudService CloudHealth CloudMarketing CloudCPQFinancial Services CloudMuleSoftTableau

Working with Kicksaw is not like working with your average consulting firm. Throughout your engagement, your Pod will continually be updating you on the status of in-flight work, developing user stories for work to come, building a long-term product roadmap, capturing important milestones and business deadlines, and discussing project spend compared to value created or features delivered month-over-month, as well as addressing any additional needs that crop up.

As we’re sure you’re aware, effective communication is a two-way street. We will be thorough and honest in our communication with you, and we ask that you be as well. In any given month of your engagement, we might ask you to perform user acceptance testing on features we’ve built, provide requirements for future builds, prioritize feature work on a long-term product roadmap, make decisions about minimum viable product in order to hit launch deadlines, or collaborate with the team to unstick risks. Not all at once, of course!

We excel at integrating tools, applications, and systems with your Salesforce solution to get your overall data and solution working as one. Our experience includes streamlined third-party and industry-specific solution integration (check out our industry pages for examples) — as well as cost-effective custom integrations.

Our approach to consolidating and migrating data from legacy and third-party systems into Salesforce frees you up to focus on the bigger picture, while we take on the heavy lifting. We start by learning about the data you need migrated and how you plan to use it in Salesforce — then do everything possible to clean, enrich, and optimize your data to maximize outcomes and impact.

The terms of your engagement are not written in stone. If your needs grow to the extent that they exceed the engagement tier you originally signed up for, we can easily expand the engagement without going back to square one. And if you end up needing expertise beyond the scope of your Pod, we have a deep well of business software knowledge and muscle in-house who can jump in to help get your project where it needs to be.

Your Pod will make sure that you understand how your solution works, and that you're equipped to use it. If you're looking for training and support, Kicksaw can provide all of the skills and knowledge your team needs to reach its full potential. Using recorded training videos, weekly meetings, kickoff strategy sessions, or other means, we'll do everything we can to train your team on how to successfully utilize your solution.

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Kicksaw was an exceptional partner in creating our Salesforce Experience Cloud site.
Their organization and reliability were commendable. This, in addition to their profound understanding of the Salesforce platform, made us confident we were in good hands throughout the process.

Justin Alvis
VP, Member and Provider Services

We’ve been working with Kicksaw for about a year at this point, and it’s been absolutely fantastic.

It’s not a ton of time and it’s not sophisticated Salesforce administration, but it’s enough work that it’s easier to specify it in an email for Kicksaw to hammer it out in a few hours.

Pete Kazanjy
Co-Founder & CRO

Fast, flexible, and hugely competent, Kicksaw delivers projects exactly as promised. 

Their experience in the SaaS space is tremendously valuable; they've tackled these problems before and guided our thinking on how to set up SFDC with future growth in mind.

Todd Lathrop
Vice President Sales, Checkr

The Kicksaw team has been instrumental in supporting us as we rapidly grow.

They do a great job of anticipating the challenges ahead and ensuring we are proactive in addressing them.

David Zwerin
Head Of Sales Operations

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Almost certainly. We have experience with a large number of Salesforce integrations and even have a dedicated Engineering Operations team. And if the tool you are using doesn’t integrate with Salesforce, we’ll either work with you to find a comparable tool that meets your requirements or build the integration ourselves. 

Some of the more common tools we've integrated for customers include Outreach, SalesLoft, DocuSign, HelloSign, Conga Composer, Form Assembly, Zendesk, HubSpot, Dropbox, Clearbit, LinkedIn, Intercom, Drift, LeadIQ, Wufoo, Cloudingo, EHRs, and other Clinical integrations...we could go on.

Your Kicksaw consulting team is called a Pod. Your Pod is made up of a Salesforce Consultant, who is your main point of contact, a Solution Architect, who designs your unique solution, and a Salesforce Admin, who does the hands-on-keyboard work to make it all come together. You’ll meet regularly with both your Salesforce Consultant and your Solution Architect, and you will be able to communicate with them over Slack and email as well. 

This team is dedicated to your business needs. You aren’t being passed around to any old available consultant or architect we can find. Your needs are handled exclusively by your dedicated Pod.

Fractional Operations is focused on having a dedicated team that gets to comprehensively know your business, helps you prioritize where to get started, and works with you to deliver only what solution and services are needed.  

Traditional consulting pairs you with solution components before really getting into requirements and understanding your operations. Deeper discovery only occurs after signing an SOW, in its dedicated phase, followed by delivery, training, and project hand-off. 

With Fractional Operations you’ll see benefits like solution builds that more accurately address client needs, delivery based on value and outcome rather than task completion, no forced minimum spend, and the ability to adapt engagements as needed without administrative overhead.