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About Kicksaw

Meet your team of Salesforce experts

As a registered Salesforce partner with well over 200 implementations under our belt, we know that no two Salesforce implementations are the same. Salesforce is the backbone of every business looking to scale, but it can be a giant time suck for reps, admins, and managers — but lucky for you, we've got the tools and experience to crank that dial up to 11.

The Kicksaw Founding Team

Our commitment to helping sales leaders and teams accelerate their business, improve their processes, and beat their goals month-over-month started with our founders, back when Kicksaw was only a two-man show. Today, we're a growing, thriving company with a rapidly expanding headcount, but it all started with these guys.
Kenny Goldman
Co - Founder & Head of Sales and Delivery

Kyle Morris
Co - Founder & Head Of Strategy And Operations

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Kicksaw Helps Leading Sales Teams Perform Their Best

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