How Kicksaw is Shaping the Future of Aesthetic Medicine

As Kicksaw’s Healthcare & Life Sciences practice has evolved, we’ve developed some amazing partnerships with providers of aesthetic medicine and medical spa treatments. In this post, we’ll share some of our key learnings and takeaways from solving some of the most critical business needs of providers in this dynamic, fast-growing segment of healthcare.

Why Aesthetics Medicine and Med Spas?

We won’t bury the lede here: business is booming. The global aesthetic medicine and medical spa markets combined for a massive $128.4B market valuation in 2022, and seven-year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) forecasts for each market hover around 14.8%. An influx of capital from private equity investors and market consolidation from merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has created a surge of growth and resources available to organizations in this space, as well as increased demand for enterprise technology and improved business processes necessary for a blitz-scale strategy.

Throughout our conversations with med spa and aesthetics providers, we’ve found a few common themes, and we have spotted several trends that have guided these providers to partner with Kicksaw:

  1. To achieve hyper-growth, it's essential to have integrated systems and teams that work together seamlessly. This is especially crucial in areas such as acquiring new members, as well as recruiting and onboarding physicians, and is of unique importance for franchise operations.
  1. Direct-to-consumer marketing requires streamlined revenue processes as providers target individuals making discretionary purchases. The abundant choices available to consumers are compelling providers to seek more efficient ways of acquiring patients. This demand for efficiency is similar to needs we’ve seen in behavioral health, especially addiction and recovery treatment services, which share similar marketing and revenue operations requirements.
  1. Competition is fierce, yet robust consumer demand is driving innovation and efforts to enhance the patient experience. Instead of a race to the bottom, we’ve observed innovation in the variety of treatments available, such as hormone replacement therapies and non-invasive body contouring procedures. Providers are now competing to attract new patients based on the differentiation of new services and customer experience.

Getting to Work: Solutions that Unlock Growth

The solutions we’ve delivered for our med spa and aesthetics provider clients have been primarily geared towards empowering rapid growth and scalability, and we’re often replacing legacy, siloed systems with more connected processes central to the Salesforce platform. We’ve distilled some of the value we’ve provided into three categories:

Maximizing the Top of the Funnel: Increasing Lead Response Time and Appointment Bookings

Optimizing lead response time and streamlining the appointment booking process have been some of the most pressing challenges for our med spa and aesthetics clients who are operating in an increasingly competitive environment. Harmonizing revenue recognition through integrations and establishing connected systems has helped create value through process efficiency, while also elevating our clients’ ability to measure and improve critical sales processes. We’ve helped maximize the top of the funnel in a number of ways:

  • Refining and integrating online inquiry forms with Salesforce to increase the quality of submissions and speed of response
  • Establishing integrations with appointment management systems (Zenoti, DayBack, EHRs) and e-signature solutions to streamline sales operations and accelerate revenue cycles
  • Elevating the user experience with improved Salesforce UX for lead coordinators and administrative staff to manage new patient inquiries, bookings, payments, and sales commissions
  • Integrating Salesforce with payment processors (Chargent, Stripe) to accelerate revenue recognition and streamline the new patient experience
Elevating the Patient Experience: Delivering More Effective Treatments with Personalized Health & Wellness Care Plans

As med spa and aesthetics providers offer more longitudinal treatments like hormone replacement therapies, weight loss treatments, and anti-aging protocols, we’ve seen a need to effectively track and manage the care provided to patients over the course of time.

We’ve found that using care plans in Salesforce Health Cloud is a highly-effective solution for helping med spas and aesthetics providers monitor and optimize patient outcomes in long-term treatments.  The core structure of care plans, centered around addressing "problems" and achieving "goals," provided a great solution for a Kicksaw client offering personalized medical weight loss treatments, but it’s also an applicable framework for tracking and managing various longitudinal therapies offered in this space.

Accelerating Physician Recruiting and Onboarding for Scale: Recruiting, Enrollment, Credentialing, Privileging, and Performance Management

Although provider credentialing is necessary for any organization employing clinical staff that care for patients, we’ve found it to be a critical need for our fast-growing med spa and aesthetics clients that are often doubling their number of facilities annually. This rapid expansion has highlighted the shortcomings of legacy systems and spreadsheets, and we’ve helped teams that are responsible for recruiting and onboarding physicians accelerate their processes in a number of ways:

  • Streamlining physician recruitment in Salesforce and using automated alerts/notifications to accelerate handoffs between connected teams and departments
  • Automating provider credentialing and enrollment with Health Cloud and Verifiable to increase onboarding efficiency and ensure network compliance at scale
  • Configuring solutions for managing and granting provider privileges, helping our clients offer new, innovative procedures at scale
  • Implementing Salesforce Scheduler to manage physician training, mentorship, and availability for specific procedures

We’re grateful for the opportunity to have learned so much from our med spa and aesthetics provider clients throughout a variety of successful consulting engagements, and we’re also thrilled about the positive impact we’ve helped make on the growth of their respective businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about our work with leading providers of aesthetic medicine and medical spa treatments, drop us a line — we’d love to connect with you.

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