Why Did Salesforce Get Involved in HLS?

Health and Life Sciences and CRM: A match made in software heaven 

The landscape of the Health and Life Sciences field is rapidly evolving, a trend that’s expected to continue over the next few years. Virtual health markets are projected for 7x growth by 2025, and as a result, 70% of health organizations list investing in digital health solutions as a major priority for their practices.*

The increasing patient interest and the consequent provider need to provide care virtually is here to stay. This promises a bright future for the health field – one where patients can receive the care they need from anywhere while enjoying a more streamlined experience. Providers and patients alike also benefit from increased safety with the use of virtual health care options, as they’re able to consult without the danger of exposure to illness.

However, while the HLS field continues to expand, Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for health organizations are 20 points lower compared to other industry averages, indicating patients are less satisfied with the level of support and care they’ve received. Compare this industry-wide sentiment with the 37% of patients ages 26-44 who stated their willingness to seek out new health care providers – this suggests that highly personalized care and an emphasis on customer service can be a major differentiator for health care providers looking to reach new patients. 

It’s a time of great potential for the healthcare industry, though with these changes comes the struggle of adjusting in a constantly-adapting field. Without the tools you need to navigate the virtual health landscape successfully, quality of care can suffer. That’s where CRM solutions come into play.

Deliver Trusted Health Solutions from Anywhere

The general lack of innovation in healthcare technology solutions has an outsized impact on both providers and patients. If healthcare providers (HCPs) are not equipped to succeed, what can we expect other than frustration (for both the provider and patient), backlogs, and shortfalls? This is not an acceptable status quo — HCPs and their patients deserve a system that brings the healthcare industry to the cutting edge of technology solutions.

The ideal healthcare-industry CRM solution delivers a highly specialized suite of patient-focused solutions built on a best-in-class software that can be accessed anywhere. They help providers remove unnecessary friction from care, scale patient services, personalize patient acquisition and outreach, and coordinate efficient delivery of care, so they can focus on their patient relationships instead of process logistics. Their trusted, customizable health solutions are also supported with an integrated suite of API-friendly industry apps that can be easily operated from one central hub.

Unfortunately, many healthcare professionals are mired in process logistics. This looks like manual data entry from emails, calls, or faxes. It looks like tracking, managing, and conducting insurance verification via phone calls and portal visits on paper or in a spreadsheet. While the world has gone through a digital transformation, in many ways, healthcare has simply not been given the opportunities to keep pace. These outdated processes have stayed put for the industry in far too many cases. 

The good news is that the market for tech-enabled solutions for HCPs to provide patient experience has (finally!) arrived, and we’re excited to see many companies take the plunge into creating a more digitally-enabled experience for their customers/patients/members. We’re perched on a crucial tipping point  — the HLS tech industry is going places, and we are determined to continue to help drive innovation for HCPs as they journey down this road of innovation.

Succeed with an Expert Community 

Enter Salesforce for health. 

As in many industries, when it comes to CRM for healthcare, good artists steal, great artists copy. We see the opportunity here for HCPs to do the same. Many providers experience the same challenges, and Salesforce's expert community and investment in hiring in the industry helps to make this knowledge accessible for all to leverage.

There are several good options for healthcare CRM systems out there today, but in our opinion, Salesforce for Health delivers the best experience. One of the primary reasons for this is Salesforce’s pre-established presence, and dominance, in the CRM community, and their growing, flourishing presence in the healthcare tech field as a whole. They’ve adapted their purpose-built solutions, guided by industry insights and real-life testimonies of the healthcare industry’s challenges and priorities, to really fit the needs of HCPs. They don’t fit healthcare into the CRM box — they’ve built the box today’s HCP needs.

Innovate for the Future of Health 

Salesforce for Health develops all of their products to be scalable, leaving room to adapt, improve, and refine processes along with the industry’s ebbs and flows. Their solutions also bridge evolving business models, meaning you can make changes to your solutions and implement them in stride, without having to uproot day-to-day proceedings to see long-term improvements. 

Not only is Salesforce codifying a given industry’s processes and solving its problems, they’re also building each of these industries on the same platform; this way, any company from any industry can benefit from the innovation of others. All these tools empower Salesforce’s HLS users to provide better care, more personalized services, and guide a healthier, more informed public. 

Salesforce for Health services covers everything from hospitals, ambulatory care, long term post acute care, residential care, diagnostics and labs, retail health, dental care, veterinary care, and health tech — it’s the definitive product for healthcare technology professionals. Kicksaw has experience implementing over 100 HLS instances for our customers. We place a heavy focus on the HLS vertical, and we’re happy to lend our experience and expertise to your business. Reach out to us today to get started. 

*According to internal research conducted by Salesforce.

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