Grow your sales, potential, and bottom line.

Reach your revenue goals and close more deals, faster! Trust Kicksaw to connect Outreach and Salesforce and give your Sales team access to the tools they need to accelerate your company's growth.

Transformational Sales and RevOps Consulting

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Sales engagement that yields results

Advanced engagement and real-time enablement means each of your sales reps is able to make a bigger impact and profit.

Navigate the remote world with ease

AI-driven insights drive the Outreach flywheel, empowering you to sell more effectively in the remote world, and beyond.

Know that your data is always synced

A dependable integration to Salesforce means that your sales data is consistent across both platforms, all day every day.

Metrics that really matter

No more vanity metrics — get to the heart of your company’s actual performance as you look to optimize and improve.

Why team up with Kicksaw?

Kicksaw's team of experts has helped dozens of companies successfully integrate Outreach with Salesforce. Our software integration expertise, combined with some real-world sales strategy know-how, will help you grow your revenue efforts. What's more, we don't simply set up your integration and walk away — we make sure you know how to leverage it, and that you are set up for growth and success. Whether you’re looking for a brand new implementation or you just want an audit of your existing system, Kicksaw can help you optimize your Outreach investment. Contact us today to learn more about how Outreach for Salesforce can transform your business!

Kicksaw Helps Leading Sales Teams Perform Their Best

Optimize your business software suite with help from our team of experts. When you work with Kicksaw, you work with a highly engaged group of creative engineers, architects, and project managers to create the best strategy for your business' unique needs.

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