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Truepill brings better healthcare to millions with the help of Kicksaw


Truepill is powering the future of direct-to-patient healthcare. Working with accredited pharmacies, labs, and providers across the country to provide unmatched access and convenience for patients, Truepill seeks to modernize healthcare with the industry's first pharmacy API. In 2019, they were featured in the Forbes “Next Billion-Dollar Startup” list. And with innovative healthcare partners joining their mission at a breakneck pace, their prospects are only looking brighter and brighter.


PRODUCTS: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Health Cloud, Pardot, S-Docs
COMPANY SIZE: 750 employees
CUSTOMER BASE: 5 million +
FUNDING: $100 million

The growth team at Truepill maximizes its reach by understanding its partners, and this relationship starts with their Business Development team’s first call to prospective partners. Kicksaw and Truepill worked together to streamline the discovery process. With a click of a button, the Truepill team now has access to pertinent questions that are tailored to the solution they are working to provide for their future partners. The bespoke intake form covers deal size, technical specifications, industry, packaging requirements, and patient journey.

Kicksaw created an intake form perfectly suited to Truepill's needs.


The diversity of Truepill’s offerings presented some interesting technical challenges in delivering a questionnaire that asks pertinent questions at the right time in their discovery process. The Truepill team brought a clear vision, and Kicksaw was able to leverage technology and experience to bring that vision to fruition. What started as seven sets of questions transformed into a highly tailored experience with many paths.

Jim Curran, Sales Operations Evangelist, put it this way: "I knew when we started his project that I needed a partner who not only knew the Salesforce side of the problem, but would take the time to understand how we go to market with our solutions. Various groups within the company had a critical need to understand potential projects and how we would bring our solutions to the table to solve our customer's problem."


Truepill's partnership with Kicksaw produced an easy-to-follow process with an actionable output. The end result is that their enablement teams, legal teams, sales team, and finance team all have direct visibility into Truepill's discovery process. They move faster and with better precision in creating partnerships that bring unmatched access and convenience for patients.

"Kicksaw took the time to do a deep dive in discovery on the project and presented me with multiple options along with the pros and cons for each option," said Jim. "Ultimately, we were able to land on a solution that allowed us to gather the appropriate information, reduce complexity of the process, and provide a positive user experience."

What started as an overwhelming amount of data that we needed to gather was engineered to ask only the appropriate questions at the right time during the sales cycle. The Growth Team was happy because they only had to answer the questions once, and the Finance, Product, and Legal teams were happy because they got the answers to the questions they needed to drive their processes.


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