Case Study

Customer-Centric Process Efficiency: Loan Vision’s Operations, Sales, and Marketing Transformation

Customer-Centric Process Efficiency: Loan Vision’s Operations, Sales, and Marketing Transformation

About Loan Vision:

Loan Vision’s financial management and loan-level accounting SaaS helps accounting departments from across the mortgage industry reduce risk, streamline manual processes, lower operating costs, and increase profitability.

As a growth-minded company with a customer experience focus, they partnered with Kicksaw for a Salesforce and TaskRay-powered solution to increase the efficiency of their day-to-day processes, build a deeper understanding of how to scale their business, and improve both services and support for their clients.

The project also served as a key part of their strategy to transition to a virtual environment and broaden their appeal to talent nationwide.

The Challenge:

Loan Vision’s existing solution consisted of disconnected systems and spreadsheets — which was causing issues commonly seen for businesses experiencing growth, including inefficient processes, incomplete data, and a lack of visibility into their business.

They prioritized addressing their lack of centralized data and automation in a way that would:

  • Reduce stress and improve the user experience
  • Increase overall efficiency across Operations, Sales, and Marketing
  • Decrease time-to-service and response for clients
  • Allow them to see their business as a whole
  • Help identify the future needs of their business

The Solution:

Kicksaw collaborated with Loan Vision to implement and configure Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Account Engagement, and TaskRay. This comprehensive solution supports their business goals and delivers value-driven results.

With customer-first software and services at the core of their business, Service Cloud was a clear choice for both their CRM and a platform to centralize information, as it provides service-focused tools and functionality.

  • Data was migrated from their task track database to help facilitate this transition
  • Milestone tracking configuration helps with visibility and delivery
  • Email-to-case automation was added to expedite support processes

For Sales Cloud, customized pricing based on implementation complexity was added to expedite time-to-sale and time-to-implementation. Improved reporting for their product mix and executive dashboards add to Loan Vision’s understanding of the financial aspects of their business, including profitability.

Customer and user experience-focused improvements were continued with the connection of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, which supports crucial transition email sends, and supplies a new level of insight with reports for:

  • Conversion rates
  • Campaign performance
  • Lead source breakdowns
  • Email performance metrics

To further boost efficiencies, accelerate service delivery, and enhance the client experience TaskRay project management was implemented — along with Kicksaw additions like support-case billing functionality, implementation project tracking, and dynamic project templates.

Loan Vision now has a cross-business solution that enables continuous improvement and flexibility, with room to scale. Increased business visibility, streamlined processes, added automation, and centralized data have resulted in several key achievements, including:

  • Reducing the maximum time-to-implementation from 90 to well under 60 days
  • Establishing baseline KPIs to measure growth and performance
  • Increased user productivity and quality-of-life

Kicksaw was incredible to work with and always responsive. This was the first time Loan Vision has gone through a project with an organization wide impact and the Kicksaw team easily helped us easily coordinate requirements, resulting in a successful implementation.

Thomas Kowal, Business Strategy & Finance Manager