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Regenexx streamlines healthcare operations and increases revenue through automation

Regenexx streamlines healthcare operations and increases revenue through automation


Regenexx is the inventor and administrator of a non-surgical orthopedic stem cell treatment procedure offered by over 1,200 self-funded employer health plans and 87 affiliates who license their processes and technology. They have pioneered a form of interventional orthopedic treatment rooted in their mission to address root causes of knee, hip, back, and joint pain, rather than exclusively treating symptoms or resorting to surgery.


Products Used: Health Cloud, Experience Cloud, TaskRay, DocuSign, SurveyMonkey

Developed by two pain management physicians in Colorado in 2005, the demand for Regenexx’s services and treatment has exploded over the past two decades — over the last five years alone, they’ve increased the number of self-funded groups covering their services from only 20 to more than 1,200. Along with scaling to meet their extreme demand, the owners wanted to make these resources and procedures more affordable and accessible to lower-income patients, especially those for whom extensive surgery is not financially feasible. Due to the experimental nature of their procedures, there is no business precedent for what Regenexx hopes to achieve — their goal is to offer insurance coverage for all who need it.

“The first phase was, ‘How do we do this at all?’” said Matthew Phelps, Director of Corporate Accounts at Regenexx. “Now we have gotten into a second phase of, ‘How do we do it at scale?’”


When setting up the CRM that would power their client’s treatment journey and guide employers’ onboarding insurance benefits, Regenexx wanted to do it right from the beginning. Their early research revealed that they would be unable to achieve the specific tasks needed for their vast and complex processes with Salesforce’s out-of-the-box capabilities.

“We have a basic idea of what we need to do, but how do we do that over and over as effectively as possible on our side to get the best outcome that we can? [That] is what led us to Salesforce and Kicksaw,” said Phelps.

Before Salesforce and Kicksaw, Regenexx relied on an extremely manual tracking and reporting process. Several departments would meet in what they referred to as “The War Room” — a mass gathering where employees would lay out progress reports on their clients, creating hefty checklists written across conference room whiteboards, which served as their inter-departmental communication. As the company expanded to 1,200 employers, Regenexx’s employees couldn’t make their manual process scale to fit their demands. Identifying their clients’ status in the onboarding process, determining next steps, and reminding administrators to complete them took more time than actually providing the care they’d worked so hard to offer.

“A big part of the workload is just finding what it is our customers need to do and sending them reminders to do it. [It] takes a massive amount of time, “ said Phelps. “That’s not a task that humans add value to. Humans add value when they have questions about it, or want to know how we set up this benefit, what you recommend in terms of how recovery can work. There are lots of opportunities for humans to add lots of significant value. Remembering the task a group needs to do and reminding them to do it is not one of them.

“We thought we badly needed automation around task reminders to manage workflows, to clean up our record-keeping, and to have them in a central database-driven solution instead of the Google Sheet. If we can get that in place, then these four people can manage 1,200 groups, but if we don’t have that in place we need three times as many people and 40 more whiteboards.”

Task reminders were sent manually between employees — down the road, this meant the company’s output and care were dependent on each individual employee’s workload and schedule. The cadence became unavoidably limiting. A project that should take a month would take three times that long to complete.

Regenexx’s coverage operations encompass a vast span of contacts and processes. Every account on their roster has unique and multi-faceted requirements, including several touchpoints and multiple concurrent, ongoing processes. The team also balances this workload with their responsibility to educate their clients on available treatments and to communicate with them often and personally. This detailed communication empowers both the patients and primary care physicians to keep treatment plans updated appropriately. A huge amount of data is collected for each individual account, and Regenexx needed a simpler, more streamlined way to address the minute details their field demands and to offload administrative tasks that could save employees’ time to spend in more useful areas.


“The business result has been excellent — it’s surpassed expectations. And it’s just a foundation that we can build off.”

Regenexx worked with Kicksaw, using TaskRay, a collaborative work management solution native to Salesforce and a top AppExchange application, to create several customized templates for their renewals, onboarding, and progress-tracking processes. Each process is embedded with automated task reminders that allow both the clients’ teams and Regenexx employees to keep all ongoing projects on track. Their new Community Portal, built on Salesforce Experience Cloud, walks clients through the tasks they need to complete through a self-guided workflow. Without investing hours of time into planning their workloads, Regenexx is now able to balance their booming demand, and business has further increased in response to their heightened capacity to serve.

“Our years have followed a very predictable pattern in terms of business activity. We did three times as much revenue in January and February as we did last year, because that automation sped up and heightened the turnaround and timing on all of that activity.”

In addition to automating their processes and task reminders, Regenexx is now able to “micromanage” their communications with their clients. This allows them to create customized, automated sends on a weekly basis that are personalized to their onboarding and treatment journey. Clients receive regular reminders of their outstanding tasks, pulled directly from their workflows, and Regenexx employees are alleviated from the duty of manually fielding and sending that information.

Phelps shares that he appreciates how much their Kicksaw-designed Salesforce instance can be customized, noting that the solutions are flexible not only for their clients, but for the practice and business as they continue to grow.

“We’ve worked with a number of different vendors in the IT space for technical support. My general take-away from most of those engagements is not positive. It’s a challenging thing to find people to help support any kind of technology build-out who are capable, fast, responsive, and able to grasp and deliver on a need.

“Kicksaw is a group that we hold up internally as an example and model that there can be people who are good to work with and provide a good experience and good support. It's been a pleasure working with the individual people assigned to us — they’ve been smart, capable, and pleasant. Obviously, the results speak for themselves. We’ve gotten where we want to be, and we’ve gotten there easily, considering what we needed.”

Kicksaw is a group that we hold up internally as an example and model that there can be people who are good to work with and provide a good experience and good support. It's been a pleasure working with the individual people assigned to us — they’ve been smart, capable, and pleasant. Obviously, the results speak for themselves.

Matthew Phelps, Director of Corporate Accounts