What Does It Take to Become a Kicksaw Client Partner?

What Does It Take to Become a Kicksaw Client Partner?

Kicksaw’s success as a Salesforce consulting firm is due to several important factors. Our diverse portfolio, deep well of expertise, and unique business model contribute, of course, but perhaps the most important factor of all is our reputation. Our reputation is everything — it’s how we get new customers, expand our reach, and grow. Maintaining and pushing our reputation is of utmost importance; it’s a never ending task that requires dedication, focus, and energy. And that’s where the Kicksaw Client Partner comes in! 

The Client Partner helps position Kicksaw as a leader in Salesforce consulting, and they play a vital role in the success of Kicksaw’s client relationships and implementations — it’s an amazing opportunity for a skilled communicator who thrives on building trust with key stakeholders. Communication is the name of the game for the Client Partner. They’re the squeaky wheel who refuses to quit, and we love that about them. 

Working for Kicksaw is not your typical Salesforce or B2B sales gig — as mentioned earlier, we do business differently. We view the experience we provide as the product, and this commitment sets us apart from the competition in all the best ways. For customers, this looks like better solutions that actually work for them and deliver real value. And for the Kicksaw team members, it means a workplace that truly prioritizes employee well-being. 

Kicksaw Client Partners are uniquely positioned to have an outsized impact on our success as a company. Maintaining those working relationships with Salesforce AEs, and forging new ones, is so incredibly important to us. This role carries a lot of responsibility, but for the right candidate, it's a privilege and a thrill that motivates and excites them. I love watching a talented Client Partner work their magic, and seeing how their hard work lifts everyone at Kicksaw up along with them.
Sanford Woodward, Kicksaw Sr Director of Sales & Marketing

What sets the Client Partner role apart? 

While the Account Manager members of Kicksaw’s Sales team are primarily concerned with clients’ needs and experiences during the clients’ journeys with Kicksaw, Client Partners direct their energies toward Salesforce Account Executives (AE’s) and driving new business for Kicksaw through those partnerships. Kicksaw partners with Salesforce AEs on a large percentage of our closed deals — maintaining relationships with this dynamic group of personalities is a complex task, but well worth our while. Client Partners are constantly working to build trust and rapport through regular communication with Salesforce AEs in a wide variety of ways — whatever it takes to keep those crucial bonds strong!

Remember that unique business model? Well, it comes with another really attractive perk for our team members: without utilization holding us back, burnout simply isn’t an issue here. Seriously. We recognize and treat you as a human being, not just as another cog in the machine. While you'll certainly have KPIs and closed/won quotas, you contribute more to our organization than a mere 40 hours of work each week. You are a valued and respected team member, and we will support you as we all collaboratively strive for success for Kicksaw, our customers, and yourself as an individual contributor.

So, what does an average day look like for a Client Partner here at Kicksaw? Plan on approximately around six to eight hours of external meetings per week, and about the same for internal meetings. But other than your scheduled meetings, you’re in charge of your schedule. We trust you to manage your book of business well, and we don’t really care about the exact details of how, when, or where you work. We know you’ll represent us well and make us proud.

One of the true highlights of this role, we feel, is that it’s all about consultative selling. In other words…no cold calls! Ever! We want you to focus on nurturing relationships and maximizing value. Plus, who enjoys cold calls on either end of the interaction?

As far as a “typical” workday goes, expect anything and everything from the following list to fill up your calendar on an “average” day:

  • Attend the daily standup with your Sales and Account Management Team to align on issues that are important to the team, our partners, our customers, and Kicksaw.
  • Collaborate closely with the Alliances Manager to devise and implement strategies for building robust relationships with those AEs with clients in our target markets.
  • Work with the Kicksaw Marketing team to leverage co-marketing efforts and generate leads that appeal to both Salesforce AEs and their clients.
  • Coordinate with the Account Management and Delivery teams to ensure a seamless transition and successful client onboarding.
  • Spend quality time working toward your assigned quotas for qualified referrals and closed/won opportunities generated through Salesforce partnerships.
  • Monitor and analyze referral activity to identify improvement areas and enhance partnership strategies — data, data, data!
  • Engage with Salesforce AEs by hosting events, conducting on-site or office visits, participating in QBRs, and learning all you can about their clients' needs. Expect occasional travel requirements for this role.

Every day is different, but variety is the spice of life for a Kicksaw Client Partner! To truly experience success in this role, you need to be someone who can keep a full cabinet of plates spinning. Time management, thorough communication, confidence as a presenter, and experience managing sales pipelines and cycles are paramount. And if that’s you, keep reading! It only gets better from here.

What does career growth look like for a Client Partner?

There are three tiers for Client Partner at Kicksaw, and we like to break them down this way: 

  • Tier 1: Entry — Is learning about rope
  • Tier 2: Mid/Developing — Can tie a knot, and participates when others tie complex knots
  • Tier 3: Sr./Career — Ties complex knots, calculates rope strength, teaches others how to tie these complex knots, and uses knots strategically

All Kicksaw team members use an intuitive performance management platform to stay organized. Performance reviews are conducted twice a year. Our internal rubric provides clear guidelines for assessing tiers within each role, making it easy to access career progression and salary range information without needing to contact HR or schedule meetings.

Each role at Kicksaw follows a clearly defined career progression track. For those aspiring to managerial roles, there's a dedicated path for that, but we also offer an "individual contributor track" for those folks who prefer to focus on specific skill sets. Both career paths are equally valued, because management is not the only route to success at Kicksaw.

We place a high value on self-improvement and encourage all employees to always be enhancing their skills. Whether it’s through taking classes, attending conferences such as Dreamforce or other Salesforce events, or engaging in activities that boost professional abilities, Kicksaw supports continuous learning. We offer educational reimbursement (there is a cap), an annual tech stipend, access to resources that help you discover relevant classes, and more.

All that to say, the sky's the limit when you are a Client Partner at Kicksaw!

How should I prepare for an interview for the Client Partner role?

When our People Ops team reviews your resumé, they're looking for solid experience in the SI sales space, ideally in a similar role. It's also important to have some hands-on experience with Salesforce. While we don’t expect you to be able to architect an org or sub in as an admin if called on, you do need to be an expert on SFDC product offerings and solutions, as well as a working understanding of how the basics of the platforms operate. 

After you pass the initial HR screening, if there's a mutual fit, you'll have a series of interviews with the Director of Sales & Marketing, one of our current Client Partners, and our CEO Kenny Goldman. These conversations will provide insights into your approach to customer relationships, your conduct during important discussions, and your comfort with using data and analytics to streamline partner communication and sell new products or services. Most importantly, though, these interviews allow our team to meet you, a potential new team member! Think of them more as conversations with genuinely kind folks invested in your success — that’s the interview experience at Kicksaw.

Preparing for an interview for the Client Partner role (or any role at Kicksaw) revolves around one key principle: authenticity. Our "Be You" core value is top of mind for us during the interview process — we're interested in you as a person, not just your skills and resumé. Personalities and unique perspectives shape how individuals work and collaborate, which is very important to us. Equally crucial is demonstrating a natural affinity for all four of our core values: Work Together, Be You, Own It, and Keep It Simple.

Kicksaw's success is due to our amazing team, which is why fostering a people-centric culture is a top priority. We’ve built a culture that genuinely prioritizes our team members through a remote-first work philosophy and a growing list of employee benefits. This commitment means we are very intentional about bringing on individuals who align well with the culture we’ve cultivated. Demonstrating alignment with our core values and contributing to our unique culture are key qualities we seek in candidates, regardless of the role.

With that in mind, please submit your resumé! We understand that applying for a new role can be daunting, but rest assured, real people will carefully review your application. The Client Partner role at Kicksaw is an exciting opportunity for individuals who excel in building partner relationships, effectively communicate value propositions, seek opportunities to optimize communication strategies, and are looking for a rewarding career with a truly unique consulting firm.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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